Paul is the marketing guru and web coder and insists on everything being orange. Paul has a wealth of experience with e-commerce and web behaviour systems and provides all the tricks of the trade to get a website to the intended audience in addition to providing real-time feedback as to what the audience is viewing and help 'nudge' them as to what they should be viewing.

Paul can provide marketing strategies for your business that enables both offline and online techniques to work together, whether that is mailing, identity, trade shows, demographics, product placement or targeted audience capture.

Should you ever meet Paul you will realise he really does live and breathe web design and technology. Although this helps in his field of expertise occasionally Paul has to be brought back into the real world. When he is back in reality Paul spends his time with his family playing with his daughter and son.

As a christian, Paul endeavours to do his bit for the local community, he realises that it may not change the world, but he hopes one day to be in a position to do more.



Collette is the cheery voice you will hear on the phone when you call. Collette is our Project Manager, she keeps a close eye on our development team to make sure your project is delivered on time. Any questions you might have Collette is the one to ask and if shes not the man for the job she will organise the best team member who will be.

When not in the office Collette likes solving esoteric crimes like a 1970s detective and enjoys watching re-runs of A Touch of Frost or Wire in the Blood. If she feels the urge to be active you'll find her creating her own piece of retro chic furniture, should you have an old chest of drawers you now know who to contact.


Ben has worked all his adult life with digital media, initially within the television industry for many years and then online as the internet developed to a wider audience. Ben is also a qualified and experienced digital media educator lecturing in both the Further and Higher Education sectors in colleges and universities. Ben specialises in graphics, animation, 3D, photography, image manipulation, audio and video with a bit of web trickery to bring content together.

Ben likes running, a lot. After an epiphany eleven years ago Ben put some trainers on and set off running. After a disappointing first attempt and a resultant queasy stomach, Ben had another go and then didn't stop. In this time Ben has run approximately 12,000 miles, equivalent to running a virtual journey to Sydney, Australia. Ben is now attempting the return journey and welcomes anybody to join him, hopefully it will be a quicker return journey.



Wilson was born in a country made entirely of triangles, when he was younger the triangles were very angular and quite frankly very aggressive. As time has progressed Wilson's angles have smoothed out to reflect his more mellowed nature.

Wilson the lion does not have any specialisms to offer other than being the Aura mascot. Wilson embodies who we are, the lion is a symbol of good, it's also a symbol for fidelity, it stands for loyalty to a friend, loyalty to a principle, loyalty to a duty and loyalty to a trust.

Recommend Photographer

I've known Richard the founder of Forever Creative Photography for many, many years. He and I have worked on numerous projects over the years and in each and every case Richards results have always been outstanding.

Richard specialises in creating beautiful photos of products, in natural surroundings, be they cards, candles or cake displays.Richard passion for his art is matched only by his enthusiasm and attention to detail, rest assured if you decided to use Richard you will not be disappointed.

You can view his website at