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Don't spend any time on stock control.
Automate it!

Many card designers manage inventory with a spreadsheet and .. it's horrible


  1. When someone orders a product that's not in stock you're looking at a minimum of half an hour of admin, messaging them about alternative products, changing the payment and/or agreeing to split the order and send the rest when the stock does arrive (and having to remember to).
  2. Your customer thinks that's all a bit suboptimal.
  3. If it's you decrementing stock levels after sending orders, you don't want to be. (No child ever grows up wanting to do stock management.)
  4. If your favourite family member is doing inventory management, they are definitely interrupting your creative flow several times a day.
  5. If you have agents or distributors, you may think you have sufficient stock but one order from them can clear you out, especially as your business grows.

Or you could have a website from Aura Creative Media that includes an automatic stock control system so you just have to pack and send...

... and no-one can order anything that's out of stock.

Stock Control V2 BW 1500pxls