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“Mystic Wonderland is only 2 miles away
from Mrs Miggins’ Eclectic Emporium can I take this order or not?”

Geographic exclusivity can waste a good 15 minutes of otherwise productive or enjoyable time.

Usually, the postcode or town of the new customer is checked against a list of customers. Each nearby existing customer is entered into Google Maps to find out if they are too close.

Escape from all that with a shiny new website from us.

One click shows you your new customer versus your existing customers AND it colour codes how recently they’ve ordered, so Mrs Miggins might well be a customer .. but how long ago was their last order? Now you are fully informed about whether to accept your new customer.

All done, automatically.

Fifteen wasted minutes per day is nearly two and a half weeks a year. Isn’t it time to wrestle back your productivity with a shiny new website from us?

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