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  • Customised Design
  • Responsive Design for Mobiles and Tablets
  • Content Management System
  • Advanced Sliders

"The team at Aura creative Media have been fantastic!

It was important to get my artistic style across in a clear and professional way and the team at Aura Creative Media have done just that. Paul and Collette really understood the needs of my business to drive it forwards and with the help of the rest of the team, I now have a beautiful new website which showcases the Jennifer Rose Gallery collections to their full potential.

I am looking forward to further developing my online shop with them very soon!

I hope you enjoy my lovely new website as much as I do!"

Jennifer Rose, owner & creator at Jennifer Rose Gallery


Jennifer came to us with her already well established designs, wanting to incorporate them into a beautiful site that could be seen as truly representing herself and her brand.

She wanted a simple design that made her artwork the main feature. This included advanced sliders throughout the pages to provide an easy view and easy navigation to each design, making sure each is showcased.