Does your business need a website? – 10 Reasons why it should

Before I begin, I would like to say there are more than 10 reasons a business of any stature and size should have a website, but to not throw too much information at you immediately I’ll focus on the 10 strongest reasons.

1 – A Website is an online brochure

When all is said the very basic duty of a website is to provide information and promote, whether that’s a company or any other organisation, each one would put up a webpage or a website, to get its name/brand/identity out into the world.

In past years brochures and flyers were printed to advertise business’s, although these were good for their time, the internet now means a website can reach potential customers on the other side of the world as soon as it goes live – try doing that with an A5 flyer! The printing and shipping alone would take a good amount of time and then you would need to find a person whom you could address it too, not easy.

A website can be built as small or large as required by a company and then added to as and when needed, as the business changes and grows, a website can also be adapted and updated constantly. Any news can be placed on the website and be available immediately for all customers to access, this includes updates on blogs, posts or critical information, such as power failures for schools etc.

Not only does a website design have the standard text, like brochures, but the images and graphics can be arranged to suit, whereas with a brochure a lot of shuffling and rearranging is required to get all the relevant information on a limited amount of space.

In short a website is literally a digital brochure with more advanced graphics available, as well as virtual tours and animation.

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