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As your business grows,
greetings card sales gets very complicated, very quickly.

Fear not! We've cleared a path for you.

Trade and retail customers are different, of course, and a website from us will handle that for you. Trade customers buy in sixes, want trade prices before VAT, and you may give individual customers a special discount. Retail buyers buy one or two and need end-user prices. If you sell other items, they're typically in threes. Trade buyers pay later by BACS, retail pay on order by Paypal. New trade customers need a proforma and to pay before you ship...

... ahh, shipping. Minimum orders. Free shipping. International sales.

Agents with exclusivity. Country distributors who buy big numbers (and not in sixes).

Of course, it all has to work seamlessly so that retail customers don't even get the idea there is a trade side.

It is really complicated, but don't worry. We've been all over this for years and what really makes us stand out is: we make doing business easy.

Whatever you need now or as you grow in the future, we are very likely to have solved it already. But if you need a tweak, something extra special, we are definitely up for that too, just ask.

Trade Vs Retail BW 1500pxls