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Trade V’s Retail

I thought this might be an interesting topic to talk about, as it’s not really something I’d thought through at the start and it turns out they have the potential to be quite different. Selling to trade, or ‘wholesale’ means selling your cards to other businesses who will mark them up and sell them on…

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Six Practical Ways to Help you Maximize your Design Time

I often hear the phrase ‘work-life balance’ brought up within the world of self-employed creatives. It seems to be something we all struggle with. For me though, I think of it more as a three-way split between life, business admin and creativity. I’m actually ok at scheduling in self-care (yoga, going for walks, reading, cuddling…

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Trade Shows – By Louise Mulgrew

Why exhibit at trade shows? Trade shows are a brilliant way to launch or to begin to grow the wholesale side of your business. They are the perfect opportunity to meet other publishers as well as potential customers and are an authentic environment in which to sell your brand (if, like me, you are not…

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