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What to consider when planning your homepage content

The homepage is the first page of your website that most of your customers will see. It is the first opportunity you have to ‘sell’ to them. It’s a big marketing tool, and with only a finite amount of time to keep people on your homepage, it should be clear, concise and encourage them to…

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How a web content plan can help you and where to begin

If you’re thinking about having a website built, or you’re having your website redesigned, then at some stage you need to think about the content you want to include. The content and imagery for your website are equally important as the design, so, rather than just putting something together last minute, why not take some…

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Helen Baldwin

Helen is a content writer and proofreader. She specialises in writing content for websites, blogs and other online web content. Helen creates considered and well written content to create a professional image for your brand, create engagement with your customers and effectively promote your business. Helen using techniques to ensure your content is website friendly…

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